Winners from Malaysia

  • Wen Liang

    Wen Liang Law

    Champion [DA Masters Firstblood - Johor]...Read More

  • ℳℜ.ChuaÑ

    Zhi Chuan Tan

    Champion [DA Masters Firstblood - Singapore]Hello,my name is Tan Zhi Chuan. I was born on March 11,1993. I live in Cameron Highlands with my parents. About my family background, my father is a businessman and also I was working with him. My mom is a teacher. And I had 1 sister and 2 younger brother while I'm the second elders son. My long term goals is to be the best marketing assistant in a good company who all reply upon. My strengths are never keep trying, honest, hard worker and being easy going.Honestly I haven't been able practice for the upcoming competition due to work. I hope I am able to take a few days off before the competition to practices on domination and watch some replay. That's all about me. Thank you.Favorite Team:Simon Team...Read More

  • 弒血 林北很屌

    Liang wei Sek

    Champion [DA Masters Firstblood - Johor] 多的不說,只是普通玩家一名。開心遊戲結識遊戲玩家,林北很屌.喜欢队伍:雷卡隊 喜欢角色:流浪劍客...Read More

  • 【至尊】贪狼星

    See Hao Lim

    4th Place [DA Masters Firstblood - Kuala Lumpur] 我中学时期就很喜欢dota这款游戏,无意间我的朋友介绍我这个游戏我就喜欢上这款游戏了。这游戏我玩了一年,也认识到很多志同道合的朋友...Read More

  • 弒血 仙小怪

    Guan Shoon Yeo

    Champion [DA Masters Firstblood - Kuala Lumpur] 大家好,我是來自9服弒血會的仙小怪,希望大家多多支持我!...Read More

  • 武霸 loonggor

    Voon Loong Yong

    2nd Place [DA Masters Firstblood - Johor]...Read More

  • RM 26 Billion

    Khay Xin Tan

    "3rd Place [DA Masters Firstblood - Johor] 我只是一个来挑战其他高手,互相切磋,学习,享受游戏 的无名小卒, 那些还没有找到支持对象的,欢迎支持我,不然我会很孤单的,哈哈! 无论输赢都希望能尽量给你们带来刺激与视觉享受,谢谢你们的到来与支持!"...Read More

  • 戰亂ヾE神

    Chun Seng Ethan Lee

    3rd Place [DA Masters Firstblood - Johor] 我就是S2無人不知又愛又恨的E神。S2的大家們,放下所有恩恩怨怨,支持唯一的S2代表拿到冠軍吧!...Read More

  • Kah Tien

    Kah Tien Leong

    3rd Place [DA Masters Firstblood - Kuala Lumpur]...Read More

  • Inc-我就是豪屌

    Bei Hao Er

    3rd Place [DA Masters Firstblood - Singapore] 大家好我叫vinson,在游戏里大家都叫我豪。我来自s1 langkawi server,在那边认识到一般热情的刀塔玩家。大家一起建立工会,建立难得的友情。从来没想过会玩一个手游玩了一年多也从来没想过我会参加funplus主办的DAmaster比赛更没想到会打进kl的决赛。在此我只希望我尽力而为的打好每场比赛,不让我公会或者其他的朋友失望就行了。谢谢...Read More