MT2 - The Main Tank Legend

Fri 11th Dec 2015 - 9:00am : Gaming : MT2

Check out the ultimate kuso-style card game from FunPlus which will be participating in Comic Fiesta 2015! Get ready for the most epic adventure!

Published by FunPlus, MT2 brings all the characters from the original cartoon series to life for players to interact with. Join Mutty and his friends in their fun and adventurous MT journey now! 


  • Stunning 3D Graphics - Enjoy the stunning Unity3D crafted graphics while battling the Bosses in a completely dynamic and controllable environment!
  • Raid Dungeons - Ignite the fires of war and slay all the Dungeon Bosses! Bring back all the gems!
  • Plunder System - Escort Flags and plunder other players to get more Runes!
  • Mysterious Outlands - Explore the Labyrinth-like Outlands and kill the monsters to get amazing treasure!
  • Extensive Wardrobe - New outfits for your Heroes every time they evolve!




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Iris Goh

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