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Mon 14th Dec 2015 - 9:05am : DotArena : Comic Fiesta

Dear Dot Guild Masters! Challenge other Guilds and lead your Guild to victory in our Comic Fiesta Guild War Tournament!

Time: 19th&20th December, 2015
Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC), Malaysia


  • Each Guild can only send in one team for the event.
  • Each Guild can only participate during one of the two days.
  • Only the Guild Master can register via this RSVP form.
  • The Guild Masters need to send in at least 3 Guild members’ IGN as the participants for the event. They can also enter 3 substitutes (Optional).
  • All participants need to show their IGN on their phones during the event.
  • The Guild’s 3 Days Active Points must be at least 50,000 points.
  • Selection will be on a first-come first-serve basis for each day. Only Guilds that have sent in all the required information will be selected.


  • There will be a 16-Guild Single Elimination Tournament starting at 10:00am each day.
  • Matches will be held in a “Best of 3” format and winners will proceed directly to the next bracket.
  • Team members can have discussions among themselves before the battles start but only one member is allowed to take part for each round.
  • Each Guild member can only participate in one match. For example, if Member 1 of Guild A wins and proceeds to the next bracket, Guild A can only send either Member 2 or Member 3 to the next match.
  • Players will not be allowed to select the same Hero as their opponents during the battles. For example, if Player A has chosen Simon during his first pick, Player B will not be allowed to pick Simon during his or her turn. Our Game Marshals have the right to interrupt the game should there be any violations to this rule.
  • Players are to remain calm and to inform the Game Marshals immediately should there be any technical issues such as device problems, connectivity problems, or force-out during the battles.
  • All Game Marshals and FunPlus Crew have the right to disqualify any player who violates any of the rules, or for any unfair or offensive behaviour during the competition.



  • Champion: 30,000 Guild Coins (All Guild members) + 30,000 Diamonds (Participants)
  • Second Place: 10,000 Guild Coins (All Guild members) + 10,000 Diamonds (Participants)
  • Third Place: 5,000 Guild Coins (All Guild members) + 5,000 Diamonds (Participants)





  • 每个公会限派出一支队伍参赛。
  • 每个公会只能报名参加两天内一天的比赛。
  • 参赛公会须由公会会长注册报名。
  • 公会会长请提交至少三名参赛公会成员的IGN确认报名,另外可选择提供三明候补参赛选手的IGN。
  • 参赛选手参加比赛期时需要在手机上出示IGN。
  • 报名参赛公会的3天公会活跃值需在50,000以上。
  • 请确保报名资料齐全,以保证有机会入选比赛,报名遵循先到先得原则。


  • 比赛期间每天上午十点开始,16支队伍进行淘汰赛。
  • 比赛将采用三局两胜的方式,胜利的队伍晋级下一轮比赛。
  • 赛前参赛战队成员可进行讨论,但每次限一名选手参赛。
  • 公会中的每位成员只能参加一轮比赛,例如,某公会成员A赢得某轮第一回合比赛,在接下来的回合中,该公会需派不同的参赛选手如B或者C参赛。
  • 在比赛中,参赛选手派出对战英雄不可相同。例如,甲方选手若派出召唤师,则乙方选手应战时不可再选择召唤师应战。如有违反此条规则,现场工作人员保留终止游戏的权利。
  • 如比赛过程中遇到设备技术故障、网络连接故障或强制退出情形,参赛选手请保持冷静并立即向现场Game Marchals工作人员报告。
  • 比赛中如有玩家违反上述规定或者有其他不正当行为,Game Marshals和 FunPlus 工作人员保留取消选手参赛资格的权利。


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