Welcome to our new site for Comic Fiesta!

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 - 4:26am : Comic Fiesta

Greetings, Master!


You have just entered a Magic Realm of Adventures. What are you seeking for? Here, you will find helpful information about the biggest festival of gamers in Malaysia. You will also witness the greatest battles and the birth of the champion from DA Master Finals here. Come with me and I will show you what lies ahead…


All exciting news regarding Funplus Games at Comic Fiesta will be revealed on this site. Read the interesting news on our Home page, and check out our selected spotlight! Find out how you can get free tickets to the event, what attractive goodies you can collect at our booths, and how you can win great prizes by participating in our activities. Stay tuned for more details!


You can also find information on all the fun activities that we have prepared for you by clicking on the Event tab. Check out what you and your friends can do at our booths! My favorite activity is the one which allows us to take cool 3D pictures and I can’t wait to share those awesome photos with my friends!


Last but not least, the long wait has finally come to an end. The ultimate showdown of DA Master Finals is going to take place on Dec 19-20 at Comic Fiesta! Check out the Tournament section for everything you need to know about the competition and find out more about our finalists by viewing their Player Profiles. Which country would you stand for? Who is your favorite player? Don’t forget to watch the epic final battles on our Stream page!


Do you have anything to share with us? Let us know in the comments below or hashtag #LuvFunPlus on our social media pages!




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